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We empower victims of crime to come forward, help hold their perpetrators accountable, and ultimately fight to obtain maximum compensation for the life-changing consequences our clients have suffered as a result of the crime.

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Representing Sex Abuse Survivors Nationwide

Sexual abuse is a horrifying crime that can cause unseen damage to survivors. It is easy to see the pain of a motorcycle accident victim in traction. The pain of a sexual abuse survivor, by contrast, can linger on for a lifetime of silent suffering. Sexual abuse is more than just a crime, however — it is an offense against your emotional health and, above all, your human dignity.

If you survived a sexual assault, seeing the offender brought to justice in a criminal court is not enough. You deserve compensation for your pain, and for all of the life-changing consequences of that suffering. At Edwards Pottinger, our job is to see to it that you receive every penny in compensation that you deserve.

Giving Sexual Abuse Survivors A Voice

Sexual abuse survivors are not alone and they have rights, if and when they are ready to pursue them. Every day, Edwards Pottinger aims to make positive change in the lives of our clients, other victims and survivors of sexual abuse, and in society generally. We specialize in empowering victims of crime to come forward, holding perpetrators accountable, obtaining maximum compensation for our clients, and educating the community while inspiring others to do the same.

Our firm is also a major advocate for survivors’ rights. Through our participation in survivors’ advocate services locally and throughout the United States, we help survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and other crimes receive the medical care, counseling, and legal services they need to help in their recovery.

Our consultations with sexual assault clients are free, confidential, and can take place in the security of our office, or an area where the survivor feels most comfortable. If you or a loved one experienced a sexual assault, give us a call at your earliest chance.

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Edwards Pottinger is a nationally-recognized powerhouse litigation firm, dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality legal services and, at the same time, making substantial, positive changes for the common good.

We are skilled litigators and experienced trial attorneys who have effectively pursued civil lawsuits against some of the most powerful individuals, organizations, and big businesses on behalf of people, victims, and small businesses. In fact, we specialize in handling cases where the power differential is greatest and we can use our experience and resources to even the playing field. Whether you were sexually assaulted in a church, foster home, school, spa or massage parlor, summer camp, cruise ship or yacht, or rideshare, we can help. Our recent trial results speak for themselves. Even if the statute of limitations on your right to file a claim has expired, you may still have legal options through a “Lookback window.”

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