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Can I Recover Damages for My Robbery Related Injuries?

If someone robbed you, you are entitled to receive compensation for any of the expenses you incurred. This compensation may cover:

  • Medical expenses for surgeries, treatments, hospital stays, ambulance trips, psychological counseling, and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages for robbery victims who are unable to work after the incident
  • Property damage or loss of property
  • Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other noneconomic damages
  • Loss of services for family members who lost a loved one

Do I Need to File a Claim if My Robber Is Facing Criminal Charges?

Yes. Many robbery victims mistakenly believe that if there is a criminal case against the robber, the court will award damages to the victims as well. The reality is you may not recover damages even if the court convicts your attacker for robbery.

While some criminal judges may award robbery victims restitution in criminal court, it is likely not enough to cover all the victim’s robbery-related costs. Prosecutors are focused on getting the bad guys off the streets. This means that the needs of the victims might fall by the wayside. Once the victim has testified and the judge locks the guilty party in prison, the courts may leave the victim alone to deal with her devastation.

We encourage robbery victims to file a civil case against the parties liable for their damages, even if there is a criminal case in place. That way, you get to present your case in court on your own terms. This will allow you to face your attacker and get the justice you have been seeking.

How Do I Bring a Robbery Claim in Civil Court?

To prove our case in civil court, we will first need to decide who to name as defendants. In addition to naming the robber, we may also decide to bring negligence claims against a property or business owner, particularly if the robbery occurred in a store, bank, or other public property. We may allege the property owner did not provide adequate security and that the robbery occurred because of its negligence.

For example, if you were robbed while walking to your car in a mall parking lot, we may argue that it would not have occurred had there been adequate lighting or security personnel patrolling the area.

In order to bring a robbery claim against the robber in your case, we will present witness and expert testimony, medical reports, photo and surveillance video, police reports, and other evidence to establish the following:

  • The perpetrator took property from your person or from the premises around you: We will need to show that the perpetrator took property that belonged to you and that the perpetrator’s goal was to keep it away from you, either temporarily or permanently.
  • The perpetrator took your property by using violence, intimidation, or the threat of force: We will show the robber used violence, force, or threats (e.g., hit you, threatened to hit you, knocked you down, coerced you, etc.) to take the item from you. Even a small amount of force may be enough to qualify as a robbery.
  • You suffered injuries: If you suffered physical or emotional injuries, we will call experts to the stand to testify as to how the incident could have caused your injuries and how these injuries will affect you in the future. We may also call property experts to the stand to testify regarding the value of the stolen property if it is unrecoverable.

In addition to presenting our case, we will need to prepare for the defenses the defendants may use to protect themselves. The most common defense will be that he did not commit the robbery at all. The defendant may present an alibi to show he was not at the scene of the robbery when it occurred. We will have to present as much evidence as possible to show that the named defendant committed the robbery and that you suffered injuries because of it.

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Being a victim of robbery can affect you for the rest of your life on many levels. In addition to losing valuable property, robbery victims in Fort Lauderdale may also experience severe injuries and emotional trauma. You might be dealing with anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder from the event. Do not let your attacker get away with such a horrible crime.

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