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In June 2008, Florida-based victims’ rights attorney Bradley J. Edwards was thirty-two years old and had just started his own law firm when a young woman named Courtney Wild came to see him. She told a shocking story of having been sexually coerced at the age of fourteen by a wealthy man in Palm Beach named Jeffrey Epstein. Edwards, who had never heard of Epstein, had no idea that this moment would change the course of his life.

Over the next ten years, Edwards devoted himself to bringing Epstein to justice, and came close to losing everything in the process. Edwards tracked down and represented more than twenty of Epstein’s victims, shined a light on his shadowy network of accomplices, and uncovered the scope of his sexually exploitative organization, which reached into the highest levels of American society.

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“We are devoted to giving victims a voice and empowering them to reclaim their lives.” - Brad Edwards

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Edwards Pottinger LLC is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality legal services and, at the same time, making substantial, positive changes for the common good.

We are skilled litigators and experienced trial attorneys who have effectively pursued civil lawsuits against some of the most powerful individuals, organizations and big businesses on behalf of people, victims and small businesses. In fact, we specialize in handling cases where the power differential is greatest and we can use our experience and resources to even the playing field. Our recent trial results speak for themselves.

When you hire our firm you are not limited to the lawyers in the firm. Our long-time relationships with the highest echelon of experts around the country allows us to assemble the best team of attorneys, investigators, experts and other professionals to most effectively protect our client’s rights and advance their interests through litigation. We utilize this team approach in every type of case, representing victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse, whistleblowers seeking to eliminate fraud, and consumers in class action cases. Not every case will need such an approach. But in those that do, we assemble and quarterback a legal team that has the skills, judgment and experience to win. We employ our collaborative client-first approach in a cost-effective way that does not increase your costs of representation.

We’re committed to protecting victims, achieving justice for consumers, protecting privacy, and supporting people who blow the whistle on fraud. We welcome your call to discuss your case, 800-400-1098.

One of the Largest Sexual Abuse Verdicts in US History

Edwards Pottinger Obtains Nearly $71 Million Verdict on Behalf of Rape Victim

On January 29, 2018, Edwards Pottinger Founding Partner Brad Edwards and Brittany Henderson obtained a $70,560,050.00 jury verdict on behalf of a young female crew member who was brutally raped while working aboard the Endless Summer, a 150-foot luxury yacht located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our client expected her employer to protect her. She expected to be safe. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Sexual assaults of this nature occur far too frequently when the correct safety precautions and preventative measures are not in place to provide protection to employees and guests alike. To read more about the groundbreaking victory achieved on behalf of this remarkable client, click here.

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